In 1989 a young pastor (Tom Dirks), along with a group of friends, had a vision to plant a new church and moved from Lubbock to San Antonio. It was at a Great Commission church in Lubbock that God knit together a team that consisted of families, students and working singles. Shortly after arriving in San Antonio, Grace Community Church was officially established and began meeting in homes. Soon, a conference room at a nearby La Quinta Inn became home base for two years and the Grace Community Church family grew quickly.
It was not long before the need for a larger meeting place became evident. Through a series of incredible events, the building at 701 Kitty Hawk Rd., plus two acres of property, were purchased in August 1991. We first met in the front section of the building, with Sunday school classes upstairs and in the warehouse. By January 1992, we needed to move to the warehouse for our large group meetings to accommodate the growth. Throughout 1992 we pushed our warehouse partitions farther and farther back to make room for the special people God brought, and continues to bring, to Grace.

Those within this family remain committed to the clear presentation of Christ as Lord and Savior, one who is actively involved in the hearts of people today. Our heart is to never have a building, program, or person that ever supersedes this ultimate purpose.

It is often stated at Grace that we are committed to continuing the only thing that counts: faith in Christ expressing itself through love. Grace seeks to be a place of acceptance, support, and encouragement. Our primary purpose is to reach Universal City, San Antonio, and eventually the world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is for God to use our ministry to make genuine inroads into the lives of those in our community. We look forward to the day when hurting and needy people will look with confidence to God and His church for answers that make a difference.

Grace is a Pastor-led church comprised of a group of 6 Pastors under the leadership of 1 Lead Pastor. The pastoral team has final authority, under God, to make decisions and set the direction in which Grace moves forward.

The Pastoral Leadership Team is advised by a Grace Partner nominated team called the GST (Grace Strategy Team). The purpose of the Grace Strategy Team (GST) is to assist the pastors in their strategic implementation of the Grace Community Church vision.

The team also provides counsel, accountability and valuable feedback from the congregation.

The members of this team meet once a month with the pastors to review the long range plans for the church and the steps being taken to fulfill those plans.

GST Members: Aaron Pile, Blake Gillespie, Leonard Sutton, Darren Stewart, Ryan Gernand, Russell Dick, Roy Daniels, Nacho Pecina, Bo Weeks, & Veronica Sullivan, and Nate Williams

Grace Community Church is a voluntary member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), a US-based fellowship of churches designed to inspire, equip and mobilize churches to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States and overseas. GCC’s website includes a statement of faith and core values, as well as a list of member churches.  GCC also provides mediation services to assist a church member who wants help in resolving an issue with the church’s leadership.

Great Commission Churches is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Great Commission Churches partners with organizations overseas: Great Commission Europe and  Great Commission Latin America.

Within GCC, Grace Community Church is active with other churches in our area and region. We join together with these churches for various meetings and events throughout the year.