Grace has a strong desire to move beyond the walls of the church and bring the gospel to those who need it. We are able to do this in many different ways and through many different avenues including global missions, local missions, evangelism outreach, and community outreach. Here you will find information about each of these and how you can be a part sharing God’s love in our community and beyond. There are many different ways to be a part of Grace Missions from GOing on a trip, to PRAYing for what God wants to do through our efforts.


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    Go on an upcoming international or local missions trip.

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    Give to support our missionaries and mission partners.

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    Pray for what is upcoming and those who are involved.

Global Missions Trips

We have partnered with various organizations and groups throughout the world for our international mission trips. Theses trips have a high focus on evangelism, planting new churches, and training the local leaders that remain behind. We also have trips with a more specialized focus on service opportunities in the local area.

Santa Clara, Cuba
February 8th – 25th

Cuba is unique! It is a place like no other. It is a beautiful island full of old cars and amazing people. God’s Spirit is moving across the land and people are hungry for the gospel. Cuba is a country filled with people who don’t know Christ.

Placetas, Cuba
April 28th – May 7th

Cuba is place like no other! It is a beautiful island full of old cars and amazing people. God’s spirit is moving across the land, and the people are hungry for the Gospel. Cuba is a country filled with people who don’t know Christ

Corrientes, Argentina
March 10th – 19th

Argentina is a country desperate for the gospel. For centuries, the people of Argentina have looked for the message of true salvation in the middle of a culture that teaches that salvation is gained by works and religion.

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
July 14 – 17

We partner with an orphanage in Nuevo Laredo (Casa Hogar) and have the opportunity to love on some kids and those who care for them. We have opportunities to do service projects and kids programs as well as take clothes and food to the orphanage when we go down.

Global Missions Partners

E3 Partners

exists to equip God's people to evangelize His world and establish His Church.

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Casa Hogar Elim

is a privately run orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico that currently houses and cares for over 100 children.

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Great Commission Latin America

exists to plant, develop, and multiply churches in the Latin American world

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Local Missions

We have partnered with great organizations in the San Antonio area and are involved in many types of local missions. Our goal is to reach out to those in our local area and share the gospel through service opportunities and evangelistic outreach.

UTSA Church Plant
August – September

Grace will be assisting a Reliant Ministries church-plant on the campus of UTSA in the Fall of 2017. This plant comes out of Fellowship Church in College Station, which has had a large presence on the A&M campus for many years, and has planted a number of college-campus churches in the state.

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Legacy 1 Project
October 28th

Legacy 1 is a ministry of Grace Community Church birthed out of the tragic death of Emilee Hurst, a former student Judson High School and Grace Community Church. We partner with Children’s Hunger Fund to pack boxes of food for those in need to honor a legacy and start our own in the process.

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Local Missions Partners

Legacy 1

You have one life. What legacy will you leave?

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How you can make a difference and change the score for hungry children across America and around the world?

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is an Christian mission agency who is a trusted partner for hundreds of organizations and the financial partners who support their work.

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Community Outreach

We are intentionally focused on 7 surrounding zip codes directly around Grace Community Church. We desire to reach out and share God’s love by building relationships and performing service projects for those in need. We also support and partner with other organizations who are reaching out to our immediate community.

Community Partners


Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program


is a Christian Ministry established by church and civic leaders to serve the unmet needs of their community.

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No Place Left

is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation.

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His Helping Hand

His Helping Hand

has helped over 1000 needy families in our community since its inception with furniture and household items.

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is committed to offering high quality training for individuals and groups who want to be equipped in soul care. We believe that God has designed Body to provide support and care to each other. (1 Cor. 12).

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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”